“Shake and Bake” meth lab recovered on Bonlee-Bennett roadside

Siler City, NC – On March 29, a concerned resident contacted the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office to report some suspicious debris by the roadside near the 1300 block of Bonlee-Bennett Road. Deputies responded to the area and discovered a methamphetamine “shake and bake”-style lab crafted from a 2-liter soda bottle. These labs are often dangerously volatile and can spark explosions. Deputies were able to remove the lab without incident and are currently investigating the source of the lab.

shake and bake meth labWith the “shake and bake” method, meth is produced in a two-liter soda bottle. A few cold pills are mixed with common, but noxious, household chemicals, producing enough methamphetamine for the user to get a few hits. No flame is required. This do-it-yourself method allows users to make their own doses instead of buying mass-produced drugs from a dealer.

The shake and bake method requires only a few pseudoephedrine pills, circumventing laws passed restricting the sale of large quantities of over-the-counter decongestants, cold and allergy remedies. A federal law bars customers from buying more than 9 grams of pseudoepherine — roughly 300 pills — a month.

The shake and bake meth-making method is extremely dangerous. If the bottle is shaken the wrong way, of if any oxygen gets inside of it, or if the cap is loosened too quickly, the bottle can explode. Shake and bake labs put everyone in danger because they can explode while the drug users are driving around, putting other drivers in danger.

it is most common to find people using this method to make meth in their car. They generally drive around while the meth is being made to release the fumes and when the process is over, some 40 minutes later, they simply chuck the used container filled with toxic chemical residue out of the window. The remnants of the chemicals that remain in the container are generally muddy brown in color.

“We appreciate our community partners for reaching out to us in these situations,” says Sheriff Mike Roberson. “If you notice suspicious packages or debris near your home or in your neighborhood, do not attempt to touch or move them. Call 911 immediately with a description and location of the item and let us investigate.”

Anyone with information regarding the lab recovered on Bonlee-Bennett Road should contact the Chatham County non-emergency line at 919-542-2911. If you suspect any illegal activity in your area, call 911 to share your concerns with authorities.