Priestess of All That Is Right With The Left, has absolved any liberals, leftists, socialists, et al for attacking Goodnight Mark

by Tom Glendinning

Pittsboro, NC – Sine ecclesiam Dei. I am so relieved that the priestess of All That Is Right With The Left, has absolved any liberals, leftists, socialists, or other for attacking Goodnight Mark for his views. Thus is the self absorbed universe of that grouping who believe that censorship, violent criticism, destruction of property, name calling and obfuscation of fact and reality are fair game for leading the lemmings.

These are the same who believe that the grand cathedral which Lot thought to be acceptable is also OK with them.

With a deft turn of phrase, the author tried to turn fault to the opposition camp and say that theft, diversion and lies were shared activities in the bipolar campaign of election.

I do wish to refer to fact, which is stranger in that camp. The word “hate” was first pronounced by the Left. Violence is executed by the Left (ANTIFA) and at public events. Theft of campaign items/signs would not be a normal conservative tactic because the Right respects private property. But Leftists have been known to perform certain acts on themselves to make the crime appear to have been committed by their opposition. All that needs to be cited for proof is the behavior of the liberals and Leftists at rallies and riots since January 20, 2017.

A word of caution: stop being the puppet of a well orchestrated incitement to riot and terror, perpetrated by an evil man who pays for the disruption of our society. At some point, all this evil will bring an ugly conflict, and you will be called to war for nothing that is worth it. The illusion of the fight for principles that evaporate when submitted to the light of reason, social benefit, and human cost. The juvenile excitement of hormonal pique will dissolve in shame and disappointment. The shrill screams of crisis and critical cadence will silence at the dawn of awareness.

Recall what Hillary said, “Christians must change their beliefs.” And worship what, I ask? Or who?