Ninety-five percent of what we perceive as hunger is thirst

by John Dykers M.D.

Siler City, NC – 95% of what we perceive as hunger is thirst. Hunger is a temporary phenomenon that passes in a couple of hours. Our foods are so easy to eat that if we eat to satisfy “hunger” we become fat and have our obesity epidemic. Our stomachs may be full, but our mouth is still “hungry”.  Let’s change the conversation.

Hunger vs ThirstOur real problem is food insecurity and malnutrition, both often occurring in the obese.

Real hunger is what was experienced in prison camps; I think particularly or the persons in Manila, Philippines during WW II; that unrelenting chronic hunger that includes malnutrition and wasting away to skin and bones.

Let us all support Beth and the CORA food pantry with a war on food insecurity and malnutrition and obesity. More veggies and protein and less cheap fat and starches, especially the starches/sugars that spike insulin and actually stimulate appetite.