N.C. State Fair taking pre-fair precautions

Raleigh, NC – To ensure the safety of workers and others on the grounds in the busy final days of preparation for the 2017 N.C. State Fair, organizers will restrict access to the fairgrounds from Friday night, Sept. 29, until 3 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 12, when the fair opens.

“In recent years, we have seen more and more people coming out to the fairgrounds in the days leading up to the fair, and with all the vehicles, heavy equipment, carnival rides and workers moving around on the grounds during that time, the crowds have created a risk for themselves and the workers,” said Wesley Wyatt, State Fair manager. “We want to make sure everyone has room to do their jobs as safely as possible.”

Access to the fairgrounds will be restricted to people who have credentials or special access passes issued by the State Fair. “State Fair employees, vendors, exhibitors and members of the news media are among those who will be allowed on the grounds if they have the proper credentials,” Wyatt said.

The N.C. State Fair runs Oct. 12-22 at the State Fairgrounds. On Thursday, Oct. 12, admission to the fair will be $1.50 in celebration of the 150th State Fair. For more information, visit www.ncstatefair.org.