Daymark Recovery Services opens Comprehensive Mental Health Clinic in Siler City

Siler City, NC – On July 3, 2017, Daymark Recovery Services opened a Comprehensive Community Clinic in Siler City that will provide an array of mental health and substance abuse services.  The center is located at 1105 E. Cardinal Street in the old County Health Clinic. It will be open Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

“We are excited to be opening a center in Chatham County and look forward to partnering with other county agencies to increase mental health services to the residents of Chatham County,” said Jerry Earnhardt, regional operations director for Daymark, covering the Chatham area.

Daymark’s clinic services will include: outpatient mental health and substance abuse services, comprehensive clinical assessments, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, substance abuse intensive outpatient (SAIOP), and intensive in-home (IIH) services for ages three through adult.

“One important element of our services is our Advanced Access,” said Earnhardt. “We do not require anyone to make an appointment to access initial mental health or substance abuse services. If a person wants services or are in a mental health or substance abuse crisis, they simply need to walk into our center.”

The new client will receive an assessment by a clinician, who will get them quickly involved with the most appropriate services. After July 1, the phone number to call to make an appointment is 919-663-2955.

“When we first learned that Daymark was interested in coming to Chatham County as the primary community services provider, we were so pleased,” said Debra Henzey in the County Manager’s Office. “They have an exceptional record and have been so easy to work with in the transition process.”

Henzey noted that the transition period could be a minor inconvenience for existing clients of these services. “However, we feel like Daymark has the right type of organization to succeed and thrive in Chatham.”

Daymark Recovery Services has a 14-year history of providing quality, evidenced-based, best practice mental health and substance abuse services in more than 30 counties across the state. For more info about Daymark Recovery Services go to