Scam Alert! Chatham residents cautioned about flyers urging water testing

Pittsboro, NC – Chatham County has received several reports of residents across the county confused or upset by flyers or phone calls urging them to have their well water or public water tested. In some cases, flyers with testing tubes have been left on mailboxes or porches, requesting residents to provide a water sample to ensure the safety and quality of their water. Some of callers are asking for access to residents’ homes to do the tests on site.

water testing scamIt is important for residents to know that these contacts are not representatives of Chatham County nor any other government agency. Instead, they are companies that offer expensive water-related products. They may offer the test free of charge, but the end goal is to sell the homeowners products they may not necessarily need.

Chatham County may periodically ask specific property owners for permission to test their water, but these communications are initiated by a phone call and are from county staff identified by name as employees of the Chatham County Environmental Health Division or Chatham County Public Utilities.

If you are unsure about anyone contacting you about water testing, ask for their identification and be especially cautious about letting them inside your home.

Chatham County makes every effort to ensure the highest quality drinking water for its customers.  The water meets or exceeds all the parameters set forth by state and federal regulatory agencies.  If you are a Chatham County Water Utility customer and have concerns about your water quality, please do not hesitate to contact the Water Utilities office at (919) 542-8270.