Counties don’t maintain roads and bridges in North Carolina

Pittsboro, NC  – North Carolina has the second largest state maintained highway network in the United States because all roads in North Carolina are maintained by either municipalities or the state. Since counties do not maintain roads, there is no such thing as a “county road” within the state.There are no county-maintained roads in North Carolina.

Chatham County MapWho do I contact about maintenance or snow removal on the road I live on?

Chatham County (like other counties in the state) does not maintain any roads or bridges.  If you live outside the municipal limits of a town that maintains roads, it is very likely that you live off of a state-maintained road, though some major streets inside town limits may be maintained by the state.  If you suspect that you live on a state-maintained road, contact the NC Dept. of Transportation’s maintenance office for Chatham County at 336-318-4000.

If you live off of a privately maintained road, it is the responsibility of the homeowner’s association or the owners with land along the road to make needed repairs. Incorporated towns maintain some roads in their jurisdiction, so you also may contact them if you live inside or very near town limits.

Where do I report damaged roads (potholes) or debris (rocks, mud, trees, dead animals) in the roadway?

If the damage is not a serious danger to motorists, you may submit a problem online through the following website: Or call DOT’s Customer Service Office from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 1-877-DOT-4YOU to make a report.

However, if there is a serious threat to motorists, you should immediately contact local law enforcement by calling either 919-542-2911 or 911.