I am voting for Peyton Holland for Chatham County Commissioner – District 2

by Gene Galin

You may have had the opportunity to see and hear our local candidates at a campaign or public event. You may read about them in a newspaper or on a web site. But how often do you get to see a candidate show his true colors in a non-political setting?

In this election we have an unaffiliated candidate running for Chatham County Commissioner, District 2. He got on the ballot by garnering enough verifiable signatures. This candidate’s name is Peyton Holland. He is a young man who is a long time resident of Chatham County and deeply cares about this county and it’s people.

I believe that Peyton Holland has a unique set of skill sets that will serve the citizens of Chatham County well.

Someone on the Chatlist pointed out a video on YouTube that showed Peyton giving a TED Talk about “Skills that pay the bills and redefine success” at

I’m not asking you to look at the entire video. Just take the time to sneak a peek for a minute or two and see what Peyton Holland is like when he talks about the things he is passionate about – young people and setting them up for a successful future in the work place.

There’s also a short one-minute video in an April 20, 2016 News 8 story “Students participate in SkillsUSA ‘Leadership and Skills Conference’ at Greensboro Coliseum” here.

Peyton is the Executive Director of SkillsUSA North Carolina and has been involved in Career and Technical Education for over 15 years. He has devoted his career to helping create partnerships between education, industry and the community as he works to help students develop workplace, personal, and technical skills grounded in academics that will prepare them to be leaders in the workforce.

In Chatham County where most people still travel outside the county to go to work, we’re constantly seeking ways to encourage job creators to set up shop in Chatham County. Can Peyton Holland help do for this County what he has been doing at SkillsUSA? I say “Yes.” I believe that Peyton can be the catalyst to successfully push forward with our county’s efforts to recruit businesses and educate our children to the benefit of our Chatham community.

My dad always said that you should vote for the man and not for the party (there weren’t many women running for political office when I was a kid). When it comes to the local Chatham County commissioner race, let’s set aside the red team vs blue team hyperbole and let’s vote for the man who would be a terrific asset to this community – Peyton Holland Let’s vote for someone who will listen to the citizens of this county, whether “they have lived here for six days or six generations.”

Please join me on Tuesday, November 8 in voting for Peyton Holland for Chatham County Commissioner, District 2.

If you’re reading this on your smartphone on Election Day, go ahead and click on the link for Peyton’s TED talk to watch and listen to what he has to say. If you’re impressed, please pass along the link to several of your friends.

FMI: http://www.ourchathamnc.com/
More videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/genefoto/search?query=peyton+holland

And again, don’t forget to vote for Peyton Holland for Chatham County Commissioner this election day.