My vote is for the Red Team and Jay Stobbs for Chatham County commissioner

By John Palermo
Pittsboro, NC – There have been many articles in the Chatlist about who to vote for, especially when it comes to County Commissioner.  Blue team, Red Team, Unaffiliated team.  My vote is for Jay Stobbs. Jay Stobbs has all the qualities that Chatham County needs in our next Chatham County Commissioner, along with the rest of the red ballot and Justice Edmunds.

Candidate Jay Stobbs & Uncle Sam

Chatham County Commissioner Candidate Jay Stobbs & Uncle Sam (facebook picture)

There are also a few videos out that are good.  The video link showing Jay Stobbs abilities, as your next Chatham County Commissioner, shows what kind of person Jay is, can be viewed at the following link:

It is really a very uplifting video has shows what kind of Commissioner Jay will be.

The blue team candidates [Karen Howard and Mike Dasher] ” embrace an inclusive and progressive world view”.  I had to google what that really meant but found that this view is even to the left of what Bernie Sanders represented.  Really? As if that is really possible.

What it is sure to mean is more folks who will raise our taxes, and not listen to the citizens of Chatham County.  We just can’t afford more of that. There are many kinds of examples were these kinds of progressives have taken over, but non where where the outcome has been successful.  Just take a look at how well they did in Connecticut. A State that now has close to the highest taxes in the nation, huge debt. A state where business and people are leaving in huge numbers, and a state that is now in decline.  North Carolina just can’t afford these kind of people in power.

I reiterate that two candidates with a progressive world view is not what Chatham County needs. The people in Chatham County need common sense candidates that will fight for what the people in Chatham County want. Chatham County from my viewpoint wants candidates that will listen to what the community has to say.

This video:

clearly shows that Karen Howard does not listen,  or even allow for the possibility, that citizens in Chatham County may have differing views and points of view worth considering.  This is not an attitude or set of positions that I think will work best for Chatham County, and I hope you will consider that when you cast your vote.  I know I will when I will vote for Chatham County Commissioner.

Jay Stobbs has the qualities that all Chatham residents need in a commissioner. He will be respectful, and thoughtful, when asked to make decisions that affect all of us in Chatham County.

While I may be repeating myself, my vote is for Jay Stobbs for Chatham County Commissioner.  I hope yours will be as well.

I also hope when you look at the rest of the ballot,  you vote for the red team, including Justice Edmunds.

John Palermo is chairman of the Chatham County Republican Party