Independent candidate Peyton Holland is an awesome choice for Chatham County commissioner

By Angie Farnwell

Pittsboro, NC – Thanks to Jane Moore for posting that excellent SkillsUSA video with Peyton Holland talking about future jobs and what our kids can do to be in line to get them –

I took the time to view it and I definitely felt it was worth the time. The neat thing about the video is that it’s NOT a campaign video. It’s a video of Peyton Holland doing his job as director of SkillsUSA NC. He is clearly passionate about his job and helping young people find the right place for themselves in the workplace.

And he’s not talking about low-wage unskilled labor. He’s talking about skilled well paying jobs. It’s awesome to hear someone talk about how bright our kids futures could be.

An added bonus is seeing the love and respect Peyton shows for his dad during the video. I hope my children will think that highly of their daddy when they are adults.

As a mom with teenagers, I think Peyton Holland is an awesome choice for Chatham county Commissioner. (My husband agrees) I’m voting for him on Tuesday! If you’re a parent or grandparent I highly recommend that you vote for Peyton Holland as well!