Time for Chatham County to throw out the liberal blue team

By Mark Stinson

Silk Hope, NC – I have had certain Democrats come at me with pitchforks and torches over this election. What I have learned so far.  If you even lean to the right any you’re attacked with a Trump pitchfork. Anyone who leans right is automatically thrown under the Trump bus as a deplorable HB2 bigot idiot racist. If you lean left any you’re a baby killing socialist who wants to take our first and second amendment rights and burn the constitution under Hillary. We have been dealt a hard hand on the presidential level and I fault both parties equally for that. I think it would be wise to separate county politics from a national level and focus on Chatham County.   Certain people keep pulling national politics into Chatham County political conversations because they want to muddy the waters for voters so we can’t see clearly who we want to support.

Mike Cross is a democrat that has served our county well. I would vote for him again if he chose to run again because he has a balanced approach and bi partisan history of working across party lines for the good of not just one group or part of the county but the county as a whole. This is what I am looking for in who I will vote for on November 8. Virginia Penley is trying to throw Peyton Holland under the bus because the GOP put him as a proffered choice on the sample ballot. She feels that he is in with them for this reason.  If you take a minute to look at that sample ballot you will see he’s running against Mike Dasher the democrat for commissioner. It only makes common sense if you don’t have a member of your party running against someone of the opposite party who will not work across party lines to prefer someone that’s an independent that will work across party lines with you than against. The current history of Chatham County Commissioners leans toward commissioners who will not work across party lines with an agenda based platform that does not reflect the population of the entire county. Karen Howard clearly stated our comments have no value and now Mike Dasher is running as her left hand man.

Unaffiliated Chatham County Commission candidate Peyton Holland

Unaffiliated Chatham County Commission candidate Peyton Holland

I met Peyton Holland and I have looked into his campaign. His signs are not being distributed by the GOP.  His campaign is running on its own and getting his platform out and supplying folks with signs and literature. They have not provided a sample ballot supporting any GOP or Democrat.  His goal seems to be to bring balance back to county government and make it work for all Chathamites. He’s a smart young energetic intelligent man with passion for helping the people of this county. Unlike some politicians I don’t see that clear agenda based political BS in his nature.  He’s not been tainted by either party. I do feel he leans conservative and that’s not a bad thing.  It’s his open approach that won me over. He is a promising face of what our political leader should be .

I said it before I was a full blown democrat because that’s the way our family voted. When I started to look at politicians and how they made promises and then carried that promise out just to make a mess that cost us tons of money and time to repeal or replace legislation done all in the name of progress I had to reconsider my own political affiliation. I’m now an unaffiliated (independent) voter.  It’s clear I am angry like many. Lots of folks still do not know they have been zoned or what exactly it means. I have a friend who had graded a spot to build a shop on in a few years for him and his son. Now it won’t happen with the required engineer to look at the property, reassess the grade, permits, lawyer to provide help getting a variance and other R1 zoning stumbling blocks thrown in every citizens path by a hurried looky what we did mentality all in the name of progress. I believe that they should have waited on the comprehensive study and looked at the options and had open community meetings not for or against zoning but how can we move forward with zoning and fairly accommodate everyone county wide not just the north east corner. Not all folks in the north east are far left progressives afraid of the big bad next door neighbor who will smoke up their yard with an occasional BBQ or god forbid someone opens a new business. Lots of people in the North east were trapped by progress, too much development too fast. Now the county is zoned R1 developers have a green light. It’s too hard to start up a small business and almost impossible to expand an existing one under R1.

They kept their campaign promise and zoned Chatham, looky what we did. They created a mess that will take years to fix that really doesn’t protect anyone but developers.

I’m focused on what will bring balance back to Chatham and that would be Peyton Holland and Jay Stobbs as commissioners.   We have three teams , Red (Jay Stobbs) White (Peyton Holland independent) and Blue (Howard and Dasher). It’s that simple. You can vote for more of the same or you can real progress with folks that value your comments and respect you as citizens of this county .