Karen Howard shows her disdain for Chatham County citizens

by Raymond Gastwaite

Pittsboro, NC – In the Chatham Chatlist from Wednesday of this week Mr. Jerry Markatos commented on the commission meeting discussing zoning and the comments by Chatham County commissioner Karen Howard (D). His discussion is not correct regarding that Howard is addressing two hecklers from the crowd.

If you listen carefully, this is the statement Karen Howard makes: Even those voices that spoke did not give meaningful input on what was being discussed.

Karen Howard is clearly showing her disdain for the Chatham County citizens who took time to speak for or against zoning, as the meeting was strictly for show anyway.

I would say this continues a trend at the county level, but since we have heard almost nothing from Karen Howard in the past couple months that would not be true.

It is our responsibility to vote, but only if we make informed votes not dictated by one or the other of our national Political Corporations (I could have said Political Parties, but both parties really are corporations that exist solely for their own benefit, not for your benefit). One party wants you to vote the blue ballot, the other party wants you to vote whatever color ballot they are using. Do not vote how a Political Corporation tells you to vote. Think, research, and then vote your own ballot. You have a few days left of early voting. Make your vote count.