Chatham Democrats have a choice for commissioner this election with Peyton Holland

by Tom Tucker

Pittsboro, NC – I am glad to see that Democrats in Chatham County have a choice for commissioner this election.


Peyton Holland shows off scoreboard that his dad rescued from old Goldston school that now hangs in Sprott Youth Center in Moncure, NC.
(photo by Gene Galin)

We now have a candidate that is running for Chatham County commissioner that seems to be interested in actually hearing and listening to the citizens of Chatham County.

Due to the efforts of a whole bunch of folks who are tired of the liberal Jeff Starkweather dominated Democratic leadership, we now have a choice. He is an unaffiliated candidate who managed to get enough verified signatures to run against Jeffrey Starkweather’s candidate Mike Dasher.

You can go with the haters and vote for Michael Dash or you can go with the folks who love this county and vote for Peyton Holland.

I love the video where he talks about growing up here and going to school at Moncure and at Northwood. He’s who he is in part because of the lessons he learned growing up in Chatham county.

Here’s a video of Peyton Holland speaking before the county commissioners –

Here’s his TED talk about “Skills that pay the bills and redefine success” – (I was impressed by Peyton’s message in this clip. A good message for young and old alike)

Here’s his facebook page –

Citizens from all parts of Chatham County are saying it’s time for a commissioner candidate who will put the needs of our citizens above political agendas.

Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents have a county commissioner candidate who won’t play the partisan games.

I hope you take a little time and look at the videos of Peyton Holland and decide to cast your vote for him for Chatham County Commissioner.