Why are Chatham County commissioners planning to use taxpayer money for a hotel?

By Raymond Gastwaite

Pittsboro, NC – Take a look at the last three paragraphs on the last page of this week’s Chatham Record. That is where Chatham County very quietly gives notice of a plan to distribute county dollars to a private developer for a hotel somewhere in Chatham County.

taxpayer moneyAccording to the notice a public hearing for this cash giveaway will be held during the Chatham County Commissioner’s meeting on August 15 at 6 pm at the historic Courthouse in Pittsboro.

Now, a hotel in the county might be nice. But is this something that you want your tax dollars going to support? I do not recall reading about expending public funds for this project in the latest county budget.

Is there an analysis that shows this is an investment and not a giveaway to some developer? If it is an investment, will our tax bills go down in the future? Is this another case of the open and transparent government our current county commissioners profess, or just a case of taxing and spending?

It is OUR money. Vote in November.

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