Chatham County continues long streak of winning national audit award

Pittsboro, NC – Chatham County’s Finance Office once again has earned the top award from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA), a nationwide organization, for meeting its highest standards for the county’s comprehensive 2014-15 audit report.

GFOA_financialreportingThe Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting will be presented to Vicki McConnell, Chatham County’s finance officer and deputy county manager.

“Chatham County has earned this award every year since 1989, which is an incredible 27-year run,” said County Manager Renee Paschal. “Vicki is well known throughout the state and region for her extraordinary leadership in finance.”

Paschal added, “Vicki and her very capable staff have been major factors in helping the county attain its AAA bond rating from Standard and Poor’s and positioning the county to survive the last big recession with minimal impact.”

The award from GFOA honors local governments that produce audit reports reflecting the “spirit of transparency and full disclosure.”  The guidelines also require the audit report to “clearly communicate the organization’s financial story and motivate potential users to read it.”