HB2 is simply a common sense privacy law

By Mike Phillips

Pittsboro, NC – HB2 has nothing to do with fear of having a transsexual in a public bathroom next to you; it’s a genuine concern about the ability of any man having carte blanche to enter women’s and girls’ environments without being challenged.

No men in women's bathroomsThis entire controversy began with the city of Charlotte passing a new ordinance in a strange attempt to appease liberal gay activists. Charlotte’s ordinance would have allowed transsexual people to use the bathroom of the sex they identified with, not the sex they were born as. Charlotte’s bathroom law would have made it even easier for men to enter an area of the store where privacy is necessary for security.

Do transsexuals really consider the public bathroom experience as confirmation of his or her real inner self? Shouldn’t the rights transsexuals fight for, be about co-existence with people of faith and everyone else? But no. It’s now apparently become about bullying everyone who thinks differently. The gay civil rights movement was initially an effort by gay people to not be treated differently because of who they are. They have devolved into a band of bullies insisting that they are to be treated differently at the expense of everyone else.

It is also somewhat odd how conservatives never really defend themselves when threatened with boycotts by groups like The Human Rights Campaign, Equality NC and the National Center for Transgender Equality. Two of these groups aren’t even based in North Carolina. If middle-of-the-road and conservative people began to do so, the power of the left would be diminished if not wiped out.

We are seeing some of this push back in the #boycotTarget movement. Over a million people have signed a petition and have stopped shopping at Target. Target’s stock has fallen considerably since the boycott has began and they have lost millions of dollars in sales. This is in response to Target’s policy of allowing self-identified women/men to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex, despite the fact that many Target stores have individual family restroom.

We will have have a chance to make a statement right here in Chatham County during the elections in November. You can voice you feelings by voting against Chatham County commissioner Karen Howard. She’s one of the commissioners who voted for allowing men to enter women’s and girls’ environments without being challenged.