Federal judge vindicates Voter ID in North Carolina

by Jay DeLancy

Raleigh, NC – Yesterday, the long-awaited ruling on our state’s badly needed election integrity reforms (HB-589) finally hit the streets and many on our side popped a few corks, celebrating the news. We’ve even received quite a few congratulatory messages for this great ruling. It came from one of the few Federal judges who resist the temptation to preen for the media by usurping the constitutional process. Judge Thomas Schroeder deserves the Medal of Freedom from the President for being such an honest man. Oh wait….

stop voter fraudOne of my favorite quotes from his ruling, was reported by Anne Blythe of Raleigh’s News & Observer:

Schroeder noted that North Carolina had “become progressive nationally” by permitting absentee voting, early voting for 17 days before the Election Day, a lengthy registration period, out-of-precinct voting on Election Day and a pre-registration program for 16-year-olds.

“In 2013, North Carolina retrenched,” Schroeder said in his opinion.

Retrenching is a nice way of saying, we cleaned out some of the garbage in the laws that so-called “Progressives” had sneaked into our election laws during their Jim Crow-era control of the state.Lewis
If I could riff on the word from Anne’s article, it’s the word strict…. after pouring over the law, looking for ways that so-called “Progressives” will seek to exploit it, the word, “strict” never comes to mind. If you find us in a Debbie-downer mood, you might hear us refer to House Bills 589 and 836 with a few hyphenated words like “fraud-friendly” or “loophole-laden,” but no. Today we’re enjoying a hard-earned victory!

Those two laws helped North Carolina reverse a nationwide, fraud-facilitating trend in election laws and we congratulate Rep David Lewis, Sen Bob Rucho, Sen Pro Tempore, Phil Berger (who issued a joint statement here) and Gov. McCrory for a job well done! This badly needed reform won’t stop people from stealing votes, but it will slow them down.

Another group of people to thank are the dozens of researchers who helped VIP uncover things like non-citizen voters in Wake County, 30,000 deceased persons still registered to vote and 149 people who appeared to have a bad habit of voting from Florida and NC during the same November election. Besides sending one person (so far) to jail, your research helped solidify in the public mindset that a) vote fraud is a clear and present danger to our freedom; and b) our politicians are being paid to mitigate such threats. (I could name some of our best citizen auditors but will forget others, so let’s not go there.)

And then there’s the hundreds of people who responded to our news reports by encouraging the politicians to stand their ground on such important legislation. In the past, a certain “right honorable reverend” would stand up and call them “racists” and that would be the end of it. They would curl up in the fetal position, sucking their thumbs and betray us in exchange for softer abuse in the media. Thanks to you, enough of our elected “leaders” found the courage to do great things. Way to go!

Now…the temptation is to go back to sleep (after popping a few too many corks) over this law and fool ourselves into believing the problem is solved…but it’s not…for several dreadful reasons.

First, there’s this not-so-good news that was included in the ruling:

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that in cases 1:13CV861, 1:13CV658, and 1:13CV660 all claims of Plaintiffs and Plaintiff-Intervenors are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE and judgment shall be entered in favor of Defendants, but that this court’s injunction against the repeal of same-day registration and out-of-precinct provisional voting entered October 3, 2014, at the direction of the Fourth Circuit, (Doc. 189), (which was thereafter recalled by the Fourth Circuit until May 5, 2015) shall remain in effect until June 8, 2016, under the Purcell doctrine.

That’s right! The same old-style disruptive chaos, that so-called “Progressives” love to create, will still be with us for one last wave of attacks. So, you can expect a high number of curbside voters using non-photo ID cards, out-of-precinct mischief makers and as many same-day registration voters as they can jam into buses from other states…for only one more election.

Second, their covens of activists will develop new and exciting ways to steal elections which their freedom-hating benefactor, George Soros, will happily fund.

For example… pay particular attention to nursing homes and group homes if you have friends and family who were declared “mentally incompetent’ by the courts. Such voters have been easy prey, so be sure to protect their ballots from theft, as we’ve observed in the past.

One proactive approach is to contact your local BOE to be on their Mulit-Partisan Assistance Teams (MATs). These people are supposed to be bi-partisan as they assist folks in nursing homes. They facilitate the voting by these seasoned citizens and somebody needs to make sure two so-called “Progressives” don’t team up to steal their votes. Click here to learn more about how you can help…but quit making excuses!

And third, there’s the small matter of the losers in this case. They have made a nice living by using accusations of vote fraud to stoke the flames of racism and they are determined to divide and conquer this great nation. They will never go back to sleep…and neither should we. They will appeal this all the way to the Supremes.

So…enjoy the moment, but never forget the words of Thomas Jefferson’: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”