Corporate hypocrisy: Big business tries to bully North Carolina

Raleigh, NC – North Carolina lawmakers were greeted by thousands of North Carolinians on Monday as they returned to Raleigh for the start of their legislative session. Citizens from across the state rallied at the state capital in support of state leaders who are standing up to Big Business and LGBT activists by refusing to force businesses and other public facilities to give men access to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. The rally, organized by Return America and Dr. Ron Baity, one of FRC’s Watchmen Pastors, urged legislators to stand firm in protecting women and children by defending HB 2.

nc_rally_benhams_rdAmong the several speakers, David and Jason Benham spoke at the rally expressing support for the common-sense law passed a month ago to protect bathroom safety and privacy. The law requires that bathrooms in government buildings be separated on the basis of biological sex at birth, not on the basis of one’s subjective and self-selected “gender identity.” The law also prohibits local government from forcing businesses from adopting these gender confused bathrooms. Ordinary citizens are pushing back against the Left’s orchestrated misinformation campaign saying the law is discriminatory against the LGBT community.

You can watch the new Family Research Council video that points out the sheer hypocrisy of corporations like PayPal threatening to cut ties to North Carolina, even while they continue to do business around the world with countries that engage in serious human rights abuses, such as Cuba and Saudi Arabia. Companies including Google, Facebook, Intel, Coca-Cola, HP, Cisco, Mariott are willing to do business in countries where homosexual behavior is punishable by death.

Meanwhile, after the Target department store chain announced publicly that men are welcome to use the women’s room at their stores if that’s what they feel like, our friends at the American Family Association announced a boycott — and over a half million signers have already pledged not to shop at Target as long as Target continues to disregard safety and privacy.

Sign FRC’s petition now and send a message to the bathroom bullies.