Chatham Forward PAC attack strategy: Commissioner Mike Cross’s Tea Party endorsement?

By Larry Hicks

Pittsboro, NC – As noted previously, the Chatham Forward PAC, strategy against Commissioner Mike Cross is to paint him as a DINO (Democrat in Name Only) by claiming that 1) he has the ‘Tea Party’ endorsement, 2) he votes more with the conservative Republicans than the Democrat majority on the Board, and 3) he voted against county-wide zoning. My Chatlist post #5474 addressed item #3 (wrong), my last post in Chatham Chatlist #5482 did the math on item #2 (wrong).

On to item #1 …
“Democratic incumbent Mike Cross … has been endorsed by Republican Party Chair and former Tea Party County Board Chair, Brian Bock …” – Well, not quite … here is what former Commissioner Bock said,

Jeff Starkweather's Chatham Forward PAC continues to lie about Mike Cross.

Jeff Starkweather’s Chatham Forward PAC continues to lie about Mike Cross.

“As you know, I’m the Chairman of the Republican Party in Chatham. I’m supposed to oppose Democrats simply because they are Democrats, so I’ll probably get in some trouble for these comments. To be clear, my comments are being made as a former commissioner not a party chairman. I had the opportunity to work closely with Mike Cross for four years. During that time we disagreed often on issues. However, he always listened to residents and did what he felt was best for Chatham County. During the time I worked with him, he was always reasonable and I valued his input. If you check the record, you’ll see there were many times when he was able to present arguments and sway the Republicans to his side. There were other times when we were able to change his mind. When we disagreed, we voted accordingly with no acrimony. He was never shy to tell us when he thought we were wrong and of course we told him when we thought he was wrong. He also isn’t afraid to tell members of his own party they are on the wrong side of an issue if he believes it. If he is re-elected I would expect him to continue in that manner.”

And this is what Mike Cross said when he announced his re-election for District 2; “As your Commissioner for the past eleven years, I made it my job to honor my oath of office by representing all citizens of Chatham County. Representing all citizens means listening to citizens and working effectively with people with similar or differing political views to reach our common goals.  It means working with town leaders and getting the job done.  The relationships and experience I have acquired will serve us well as we move forward.”

Sounds totally consistent with Commissioner Cross’s approach to managing the County. I personally find it preferable to party-designated silos and sideshows. Coupled with Commissioner Cross’s voting record, it appears that Mike is a pretty dependable advocate for ALL citizens of Chatham County, and is willing to work with ALL government officials in moving Chatham County forward.

Next topic, let’s compare Mr. Dasher’s progressive platform, as noted on the Chatham Forward strategy letter, to Commissioner Mike Cross’s pragmatic progressive approach. As a hint, Mr. Dasher appears to support the same issues as Commissioner Mike Cross. This leads to the question, ‘Why has Chatham Forward decided to recruit Mr. Dasher in the race?’ Maybe, just maybe, Commissioner Mike Cross is an independent thinker, listens to and represents ‘All Citizens of Chatham County’, and is simply unwilling to be dictated to and manipulated by the Chatham Forward PAC, or its members.

Feel free to peruse Commissioner Mike Cross’s Facebook page, and read up on Mike’s engagement on behalf of the citizens of Chatham County.