A warning about the Chatham County Climate Change committee

by Brian Bock

Pittsboro, NC – The irony of the Chatham County Climate Change committee canceling their first meeting due to ice prompts me to send warning about this committee. I realize that many people in the county believe we need an advisory committee on climate change to help steer the county. As well intended as this may sound, this committee has the potential to be a jobs killer and a huge blow to property rights. As it stands now, the committee is only advisory but it won’t be long before every builder, every business that wants to expand, every homeowner who wants to make a change on their own property, will have to get permission from this committee before moving forward. These types of committees are never satisfied with making recommendations and they are seldom open to opposing view points or restrained by facts.

Chatham County Climate Chnage Committee Job KillerMany will think I’m over reacting. But I ask you to save this email and check back in a couple of years. Take a look at some of the initial activities and focus:
– Promoting carbon neutral/green building standards for “new and existing buildings both public and private”
– Make recommendations to the county regarding amendments to the zoning and subdivision ordinances and building codes
 – Make recommendations to foster agricultural practices that avoid “unnecessary” contributions to climate change. (who gets to define unnecessary contributions and how many farmers are on the committee?)