Woods Charter School receives a record 1,807 applications for admission

Chapel Hill, NC – Woods Charter School, located in northeast Chatham County, received a record 1,807 applications for admission for school year 2016-17. The school’s admissions application period ran from October 15, 2015 to January 15, 2016. The school will run the admissions lottery on Monday, February 1.

Woods Charter School

Woods Charter School is one of three charter schools located in Chatham County, NC.

In the past, names were drawn manually from a container. This year Woods Charter will be using a computer-generated randomizer for the lottery.

Woods held their last admissions tour on January 12. The number of attendees was so large that Woods had to hold the opening talk in the Great Room to accommodate the approximately 140 people visiting. Usually admissions tours kick off in the smaller Glade room.

Woods Charter School received 1,807 admissions applications from 1,336 families.

Woods Charter School received 1,807 admissions applications from 1,336 families.

Founded in 1998, Woods Charter School is a North Carolina public charter school, serving approximately 500 students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Woods offers a challenging college and university preparatory academic program with an emphasis on character development. It has a history of academic success both in the State’s ABC testing and in the AP, SAT and ACT exams. The strengths of Woods Charter School include small classes, close student-teacher relationships that provide for individual student attention and a caring school community of students, faculty, and parents.

Woods Charter School locationIn 2007, private funding was secured to construct a new school building, and in August 2008, Woods Charter School moved to its current location at 160 Woodland Grove Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Concurrently with the building project, The Woods Charter School Foundation, Inc. was established to raise funds for outfitting the building and meeting the ongoing needs of the school.


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