Grab a vintage cocktail at the Oakleaf restaurant on “Throwback Thursday”

by Tarus Balog
Pittsboro, NC – In case you weren’t aware, the Oakleaf restaurant’s cocktail chef Justin Peregoy has started “Throwback Thursday“.

Aviation CocktailEvery Thursday the cocktail menu will feature vintage and forgotten cocktails, such as The Aviation, The Last Word and the Lucien Gauden. In addition, instead of the usual $12 price, you can get them for $8.

forgotten cocktails

Tarus Balog blogs about forgotten cocktails at

While it is always a great place to eat, feel free to stop by the bar and sample one. I blog about forgotten cocktails here and you can read about many of the ones he has on his menu. You’ll most likely find me on the stool closest to the door between 5:30pm and 6pm every Thursday.

It’s worth checking out, and we’re lucky to have such a local resource.