NCDMV fee increases become effective with New Year

Raleigh, NC – The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles is encouraging customers to plan ahead for increased fees for many driver and vehicle services that will become effective with the new year. To upload the new fee schedule, the NCDMV online services website will temporarily close on New Year’s Eve. Customers should plan to complete online DMV business and payments prior to the 9 p.m. closure on Dec. 31. The website will return to service at 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1 with the new fees in place.

ncdmvThe NCDMV online services website offers vehicle registration renewals, driver license renewals, orders for duplicate vehicle registration cards or driver licenses, requests for driving records, payments for insurance lapses, and orders for personalized and special license plates.

The new fees were drafted and passed by the N. C. General Assembly in budget appropriations legislation, House Bill 97. They reflect the first DMV fee increases in 11 years. The legislation applies to vehicle titles and registrations as well as driver license issuances and renewals on or after Jan. 1, 2016.

After that date, interest charged on late registration fees will also be calculated on the new fee amount.

For example, standard Class C driver licenses and ID cards will increase by $1 for each year issued, making an 8-year license or ID $40 and a five-year license or ID card $25. Vehicle registration will increase by $8, making the annual registration fee for a standard private passenger vehicle $36.

Other changes include the elimination of the 10-Day Trip Permit. Instead, vehicles that require temporary registration for transfers, sales, travel or inspections will be issued a 10-Day Temporary Registration Permit. Beginning January 1, the temporary permit will cost $10 and must be notarized.

A fee schedule detailing the new fees is posted below:


North Carolina DMV Fees

(Per Session Law 2015-241, House Bill 97)

(New fees apply to payments processed on or after Jan. 1, 2016.)

North Carolina DMV Vehicle Fees
Certificate of Title$52
Corrected or Substitute Certificate of Title$20
Duplicate Certificate of Title$20
Duplicate Certificate of Title & Removal of Lien(s)
or Duplicate Certificate of Title with Correction
Duplicate or Additional Registration Card$20
Duplicate Title with Reassignment$72
Failure to Transfer Title Within 28 Days$20
Financial Responsibility Civil Penalty$50, $100, $150
Financial Responsibility Restoration Fee$50
Financial Responsibility Service Fee$50
Instant Title$98
Manufacturer or Dealer Certificate of Title$20
Recording of Supplemental Lien(s) or Recording Assignment of Lien & Application of Transfer of Lien$20
Removal of Lien(s) from Certificate of Title$20
Replace Registration Plate$20
Repossessor Certificate of Title$20
Salvage Title (Form MVR-40 – Raleigh Office Only)$20
Stock Car Replacement$25
Transfer of Registration$20
On-Board Diagnostic Emissions Inspection$30
Safety Inspection$13.60
One Signature (Contract Agent)$5
One Signature (DMV State Office)$2
Two Signatures (Contract Agent)$6
Two Signatures (DMV State Office)$3
Three or More Signatures (Contract Agent)$7
Three or More Signatures (DMV State Office)$4
For Vehicles Registered in DURHAM County:
– Regional Transit Authority Registration Tax
– County Vehicle Registration Tax
$10, $15
For Vehicles Registered in ORANGE County:
– Regional Transit Authority Registration Tax
– County Vehicle Registration Tax
$10, $15
Handicap Placards$5
House Trailer and/or Camping Trailer$14
Permanent & State Owned Plates$6
Personalized Plate$30
For Vehicles Registered in RANDOLPH County
– Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation Tax
Plate Fee (Private Passenger Vehicles)$36
Plate Fee (Private Truck Under 4,000 pounds)$36
Plate Fee (Private Truck Under 5,000 pounds)$56.50
Plate Fee (Private Truck Under 6,000 pounds)$67
Plate Fee (Trailer or Semi-Trailer)$25
Private Bus (16 passengers and more)$40
For Vehicles Registered in WAKE County:
– Regional Transportation Authority Registration Tax
Special PlatesFees vary
Transfer of Plate$20
U-Drive-It Car$66


North Carolina DMV Driver License Fees
Class A License$5 per year
Class B License$5 per year
Class C License$5 per year
Motorcycle Endorsement$2.30 per year
Duplicate License$13
Learner Permit$20
Motorcycle Learner Permit$20
Duplicate Permit$13
Application Fee$40
CDL Endorsement (per endorsement)$4 per year
Class A License (CDL)$20 per year
Class B License (CDL)$20 per year
Class C License (CDL)$20 per year
Learner Permit (CDL)$20
Duplicate License$13
Limited Learner Permit (Level 1)$20
Limited Provisional License (Level 2)$20
Full Provisional License (Level 3)$5 per year