Dr. Rodney Powell named CCCC’s Faculty Member of the Year

Sanford, NC — Dr. Rodney Powell, Chemistry Instructor, has been selected as Central Carolina Community College’s Faculty Member of the Year for 2015-2016.

Dr. Powell is the college’s nominee for the North Carolina Community College System’s 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award — and is a semi-finalist for the state award.

Dr. Rodney Powell has been selected as Central Carolina Community College’s Faculty Member of the Year

Dr. Rodney Powell has been selected as Central Carolina Community College’s Faculty Member of the Year

“While Dr. Powell has excelled as a teacher and researcher, he also has used his talents in providing various leadership roles at Central Carolina Community College. He currently serves as a faculty advisor for Phi Theta Kappa honors fraternity, Director of The Teaching Academy, Co-Chair of the Professional Development Committee, and serves as a member of the Adjunct Support Committee,” said CCCC President Dr. T.E. Marchant.

“Central Carolina Community College is proud to have Dr. Powell, a talented educator whose leadership extends beyond the classroom.”

Mark Hall, CCCC Chatham County Provost, said that he has known Dr. Powell since he started at the college in 2010. “I have watched him teach and advise students for several years, and I have been impressed with how he maintains an academically rigorous climate,” said Hall. “His approachable demeanor encourages his students to meet high expectations. Whether or not his students have the will to learn chemistry, he meets them where they are to take them to where they need to be in order to achieve their educational and career goals.

“Not only does Dr. Powell challenge his classroom students, he dares himself and his colleagues to improve instruction,” said Hall. “In fact, several years ago he began developing a Teaching Academy for our faculty. This academy involves peer-to-peer observation and feedback in a low-risk but high-reward process.”

Dr. Powell also receives praise from fellow faculty members.

“Dr. Powell is a natural inspiration to every students that enters his classroom,” said Dr. Kim Browning, CCCC Veterinary Medical Technology Department Chair. “Students know that he cares about them and their success from the first moment they step through the doorway. He infuses high levels of content with learning strategies, a sense of humor, and a profound respect for each individual.

“The students in his classes learn because they are engaged and motivated. Dr. Powell does not work or serve for awards or accolades, but simply to inspire and impact all those he comes in contact with each day.”

Scott Byington, CCCC Math and Science Chair, said Dr. Powell loves to work with the beginning students, those who have been out of school for a while, and those who doubt their own ability to do science. “It is truly a gift to be able to communicate and build trust and to help these students do more than they ever thought they could — Rodney indeed has that gift.”

“He is forward-thinking, inspiring, and willing to do whatever is needed to help a student succeed,” said Byington. “I believe Rodney represents the best of community college education and I am hopeful he will be acknowledged for his tireless commitment to his students and his craft.”

“I quit research to teach. I did this not for the awards, but for the personal satisfaction that I get from helping students,” said Dr. Powell. “This award was totally unexpected, but truly appreciated as it validates that what I am doing for my students is recognized and approved by my colleagues. We have some amazing instructors at Central Carolina Community College and to be elevated to their status by my peers is an amazing honor. I hope I can continue to help our students for many years to come.”

Dr. Powell received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry at Wake Forest University, and his Master of Science and Ph.D. in Chemical Oceanography from Florida State University.

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