Chatham Animal Services limited on shelter space until December 21

Pittsboro NC – The Chatham County animal shelter will be undergoing repairs required by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture that will take place December 1-20, 2015. intakes of dogs will be limited during this time.

chathamanimalshelterUntil December 21, the priority for shelter space will be given to dogs that are quarantined for biting, vicious dogs and owner surrenders. Chatham County anticipates resuming regular dog intakes on December 21.

The public is advised that intake of stray animals will be very limited until December 21. Animal Services will make every effort to locate owners of stray animals when possible. For information on addressing stray animals during this period, please contact Animal Services at 919-542-7203.

The mission of the Chatham County Animal Shelter is to make available the following services to everyone in Chatham County:

  • Provide comprehensive and humane animal control and sheltering services to everyone in Chatham County, using ‘best practices’.
  • Protect the public against rabies and other animal-related diseases, dangerous and vicious dogs, and damage and loss caused by dogs and cats
  • Protect animals from neglect and abuse
  • Provide free pickup and impoundment of stray and surrendered dogs and cats
  • Provide humane sheltering, adoption, rescue and euthanasia programs for impounded dogs and cats
  • Provide emergency and disaster response for animals
  • Provide educational programs for the public.