Despite dissent over man-made global warming claims Chatham seeks applicants for new Climate Change Committee

Pittsboro, NC – While more than 1000 international scientists dissent over man-made global warming claims, the Chatham County Board of Commissioners has formed a new Climate Change Advisory Committee to make recommendations on supposed climate change impacts in Chatham County. The committee is to suggest ways to adapt to and mitigate these hypothetical impacts, such as reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The county seeks applicants for nine seats on the committee before December 4, 2015.

The committee will look at such questionable options as: reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (primarily CO2) with related improvements in air quality; promoting the use of renewable energy, promoting carbon neutral/green building standards for new and existing buildings (both public and private) and encouraging resilient conservation-oriented land uses and both residential and commercial land development standards that supposedly foster climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Nine of the 11 members will be appointed by the Board of Commissioners and will have three-year terms. These terms will be staggered initially so that some members will get initial terms of one and two years. Two other members would be selected by the towns of Siler City and Pittsboro. The committee is expected to meet monthly in the Pittsboro area, but no set date and time has been established yet.

The Board of Commissioners seeks applicants who live in Chatham County, do not question the stated mission of the committee and who have the time and resources available to devote to the work and research required.

Residents with expertise in the following areas also are encouraged to apply: renewable energy systems, building efficiency, green building standards and conservation standards (in both residential and commercial settings), transportation efficiency standards and fuel options, forestry and agricultural practices and management, ecology and environmental science, and literature relating to the theory of climate change.

Kenan Stadium with 135 meters of sea level rise. (NOTE: There are not perfect models of sea level rise, they are just useful (and entertaining) visualization tools.

Kenan Stadium with 135 meters of sea level rise. NOTE: There are not perfect models of sea level rise, they are just useful (and entertaining) visualization tools.

Interested residents should submit a committee application no later than December 4, 2015. An online form can be found at: Look for the Quick Links box at the top right and choose Board & Committee Application. Or contact Debra Henzey at 919-542-8258 or to obtain an email or printed application.

Some expected initial activities of the committee include:

* Study carbon-neutral policies that have been considered and/or adopted by other local jurisdictions and businesses;

* Identify the sources of energy that are now used in Chatham County;

* Make recommendations regarding use of the LEED building standards;

* Make recommendations regarding the sources of renewable energy that could be used to support County and other buildings;

* Make recommendations regarding energy efficiency of County-owned and other buildings and vehicles;

* Make recommendations regarding possible amendments to the zoning and subdivision ordinances and building codes to improve the efficiency of residential buildings and the conservation qualities of housing developments;

* Make recommendations regarding ordinance and regulatory amendments to encourage maintenance of timberland generally, greater use of trees in commercial and residential developments and discouragement of deforestation practices;

* Make recommendations to foster agricultural practices that supposedly avoid unnecessary contributions to climate change; and

* Make recommendations regarding forced education of the public on issues related to climate change.