Pittsboro Business Association thanks many for Holly Days efforts

by Heather Johnson
Pittsboro, NC – Thanks to the work of many community partners, the Pittsboro Business Association presents Pittsboro Holly Days! Holly Days is 5 weeks of events during the Christmas season to promote our downtown. We hope that you will think local when shopping and celebrating this year. For full details, please visit our website or Facebook page.

Pittsboro Holly DaysThe Christmas tree is now installed! Thanks to what we would call a real community effort, we were able to get the tree up that will stand for Pittsboro Holly Days through the Christmas shopping season. In the coming days we will begin decorating the tree and Holly Days is under way!

We sincerely hope that this effort will help our merchants as well as foster community. Anchoring downtown Pittsboro is important now more than ever. We cannot thank you all enough for your support of Pittsboro Holly Days!

  • Bob Reichel of Huckleberry Trail Farm – Bob (and his big heart) led the mechanics and logistics of gathering and placing the tree. It is solid and safely in place thanks to Uncle Bob!
  • Gary Nunn of NC Signs – Gary volunteered use of staff and the bucket truck to complete critical tasks to install the tree. We couldn’t have done this without Gary!
  • Percy Crutchfield and the Pittsboro Police Department – Chief Crutchfield and Officer Warcup were proactive in managing the tree delivery and installation at the courthouse and are in close contact with our Pittsboro Business Association regarding safety for the tree lighting.
  • Town of Pittsboro – Thanks to coordination from Bryan Gruesbeck and John Poteat. John’s team readied spare Christmas lights for the tree and they will install them next week.
  • Chatham County – Thanks to the support of the County Manager’s office and to the Commissioners we will have electricity on a timer and water for the tree. And of course for allowing us the use of the courthouse and ground.

Heather Johnson and Maria Lewis are the Pittsboro Business Association coordinators for Pittsboro Holly Days