Sanctuary city protester with Miami address votes in Durham county

By Susan Myrick

Raleigh, NC – We keep getting new information on the six political activists that were arrested outside of the Governor’s Mansion last Friday. A group of protesters chained themselves together and blocked Blount Street in in order to be arrested. They were protesting Governor McCrory signing of House Bill 318, a law that will, among its provisions, prevent cities and counties from adopting sanctuary city status.

Illegal alien protestorsOf the six protesters arrested, four had connections to Blueprint NC. Blueprint NC is the 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that is famous for the Blueprint strategy memo that described the game plan “progressive” groups should use to attack North Carolina’s Republican leaders. The orders to their members were to “eviscerate the leadership” (Gov. McCrory and legislative leaders) and weaken their ability to govern.

One of the protesters, Ivanna Cristina Gonzalez, works directly for Blueprint NC as its Project Coordinator. Upon being arrested, she gave a Miami, Florida address to the Wake County Magistrate and it appears on the magistrate’s order. The same Miami address appears on the Appearance Bond for Pretrial Release form. The catch – Ms. Gonzalez voted on Saturday in a Durham County early voting site using a Durham County address. North Carolina’s election law requires that a voter must reside in North Carolina in order to vote in North Carolina.

Blueprint NC was formed as a membership group by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation in 2006 to help “progressive” advocacy groups coordinate activities and messaging. Three other protesters work or have worked for El Pueblo, a radical leftist organization that is a member of the Blueprint NC network.

Martha Iliana Santillan Camillo is currently an El Pueblo community organizer and Angeline Echeverria is the group’s executive director. Nayely Irais Perez-Huerta is formerly El Pueblo’s advocacy coordinator; she is now the regional organizer for the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network.

One of the arrested protesters who said that she has lived in Raleigh for ten years said, “The immigrant community is waking up.” We can only assume that since this protester, Maria Rodriguez, admitted that she was undocumented, she was talking about the illegal immigrant community and not the immigrants who are in this country legally.