Casey Mann wants to raise taxes on all Chatham county residents

by Mike Phillips

Pittsboro, NC – A very new resident of Pittsboro and candidate for Pittsboro town commission Casey Mann spoke during the public input session of the Chatham County commissioners’ meeting on May 18.

Casey Mann

Pittsboro town council candidate Casey Mann has proposed raising taxes on all Chatham County residents.

In her statement Casey Mann, a Maryland native, recommended raising taxes on ALL Chatham County residents.

Casey stated “I strongly request that you fully fund transit in Chatham County and create a budget line to fund annually affordable housing either directly, via grants, public/private partnerships and/or rental assistance programs in Chatham County. One penny of tax revenue a year would make a good start.”

So this new tax increase Casey Mann is recommending is just a start. Think of how many more tax increases Casey is ready to recommend! Can anyone, including the working poor who labor hard for their wages to feed and clothe their children, afford someone like Casey Mann in office?

This is all especially just so precious coming from someone who just moved to Pittsboro in February 2015, is unemployed (she claims she’s working for Randy Voller’s “organization”) and is living in subsidized housing provided by her mentor Randy Voller and driving a car “lent” to her by Randy Voller.

Plus! As an added bonus, just this morning on the Chatham Chatlist we learn that most of Casey Mann’s campaign money and support is coming from outside the county. Can you say “carpetbagger”?

Casey Mann is clearly NOT what Pittsboro or Chatham County need!

She is simply the least qualified of all the candidates running.