On the Chatham Chatlist we chat about chatting

by N.A. Booko
Subject: Chatting

Pittsboro, NC – On the Chatham Chatlist we chat about chatting. We chat about those who have chatted, should have chatted and those that won’t chat.

Chat ButtonSome chats have ratted on chatters. Many chats don’t end with chatting but go on to be chat-less argue-chats. Boring chats, lively chats, little chats,  big chats. What-in- the- world do you mean chats? You expect anyone to swallow that chats. I saw a bird, bug, beagle chat.   How dare you,  how could you, why should you, how do you chats.

Chats that are useful, useless, meaningful, meaningless, morbid, moaning, groaning, crying, sighing,  even some about the art of frying. Instructions,  deductions, constructions, hopefully no abductions- Graduations, salutations, evaluations, invitations. Some chats are presentable, preventable, unprintable,unforgivable. Other chats imply, impose, employ, dish the dirt, sling the mud, berate the great, clean the slate, open the gate or irritate your mate.

I’m just saying . . .