Chatham County PTA thrift stores distribute funds to schools

ptathriftstorePittsboro, NC — On Monday evening, September 28, 2015 the Chatham County PTA Thrift Store board held a full board meeting at JS Waters School. Dinner and refreshments were provided by the JS Waters PTA. Principals from across the county were in attendance along with school PTA representatives. The meeting was special in that over $555,000 was to be distributed to individual schools. In addition to the disbursement of PTA funds, officers were elected. Officers for the 2015-2016 school year include: President Robin Hudson; Vice-President Kim Clark Jones; Secretary Shayne Mann; and Treasurer Wilhelmina Ritter. These ladies served in the same role last year and were so successful, they were elected again.

The PTA Thrift Shop celebrated 32 years in business in April 2015. Over that time, the organization has provided over 8 million dollars to Chatham County Schools. These funds are used by school PTAs to fund field trips, enhance technology, improve facilities, and provide teacher grants. The Thrift Shop has a small cadre of paid employees but relies on community volunteers to sort, clean, and function as “elves” for the stores. Each school has two volunteer representatives who assist in designating work groups and coordinating drop box pick-ups.

Northwood High School School Principal, Dr. Justin Bartholomew once again came away with the largest check of the evening. Volunteers for Northwood High School logged over 10,000 hours resulting in a disbursement for the school PTA of over $65,600. School disbursement amounts follow:

Bennett:                       $57,000

Bonlee:                        $31,600

Chatham Central:        $41,700

Chatham Middle:        $31,800

Perry Harrison:           $18,400

Horton:                       $27,500

Jordan-Matthews:       $38,800

JS Waters:                   $47,700

Moncure:                     $27,400

North Chatham:           $15,100

Northwood:                  $65,600

Pittsboro Elementary:  $16,500

Pollard:                        $21,000

Sage:                            $18,600

Siler City Elem:           $33,600

Silk Hope:                     $40,100

Virginia Cross:              $21,900

Total:                                over          $555,000