Last week’s hottest Chatham Online Bulletin Board topics – Week of September 27

Pittsboro, NC – Here are the hottest Chatham Online bulletin board topics from last week.

1. Pittsboro town board candidate, Casey Mann wants to raise Chatham County taxes  (Read 4691 times) at,32827.0.html

2. Bogus Response from LWV: No videotaping of Pittsboro Candidates’ Forum  (Read 3028 times) at,32975.0.html

3. Busted! Subsidy Queen Casey Mann using Voller’s campaign PO Box!  (Read 2302 times) at,32879.0.html

Golf Cart Crash Test4. Casey Mann and Randy Voller put lives at risk  (Read 1848 times)  at,33001.0.html

5. Ladies only: Which Chatham Dem is the most revolting?  (Read 1830 times) at,32318.0.html

6. Local business woman Heather Johnson is running for Pittsboro Town Commission  (Read 1200 times)  at,32956.0.html

7. Who is paying for Ms. Mann’s fancy campaign stuff?  (Read 1185 times)  at,32917.0.html

8. Are the following statements true?  (Read 1126 times) at,32971.0.html

9. It’s taken Casey Mann the longest time to get to Pittsboro  (Read 949 times)  at,32985.0.html

10. The Price of Progress: Can the tiny town of Pittsboro get bigger on its own term  (Read 884 times)  at,32834.0.html

11. Siler City’s Deb McManus, convicted of embezzlement, pops up in Lincoln County  (Read 839 times)  at,32986.0.html

12. Prepare for significant flooding and possible power outages!  (Read 771 times)  at,32989.0.html

13. Top Five Causes of Death in a Golf Cart Accident  (Read 598 times)  at,33004.0.html

14. Did Casey Mann cause water main break in Pittsboro to promote campaign?  (Read 547 times)  at,32958.0.html

15. How is CCCC prepared to handle a situation like the one in Oregon?  (Read 542 times)  at,33007.0.html‘s