Last Week’s Hottest Chatham Online Bulletin Board Topics – 9.27.15

1. Pittsboro town board candidate, Casey Mann wants to raise Chatham County taxes  (Read 3754 times) at,32827.0.html

2. Howard, Hales & Crawford give away $30,000 without going through budget process  (Read 3090 times) at,32835.0.html

3. Bogus Response from LWV: No videotaping of Pittsboro Candidates’ Forum  (Read 2099 times) at,32975.0.html

4. Is Kay Daly for real??  (Read 1157 times) at,32961.0.html

5. Hey look at me! I’m Casey Mann & I’m more important than everyone else.  (Read 871 times) at,32959.0.html

6. Chatham Park is NOT being built for Jeff Starkweather & his old liberal friends  (Read 774 times) at,32485.0.html

7. Are the following statements true?  (Read 749 times) at,32971.0.html

8. Local business woman Heather Johnson is running for Pittsboro Town Commission  (Read 558 times) at,32956.0.html

9. Suspect in Mail Theft Arrested  (Read 281 times) at,32973.0.html

10. Randy needs to be more selfish.  (Read 228 times) at,32980.0.html