Annual Fall Trash Cleanup at Jordan Lake is slated for October 10

Pittsboro, NC – “Stinking Creek is stinkin’ again so we are returning there on Oct. 10,” said Fran DiGiano, president of Clean Jordan Lake.  “Since our volunteers were last here in 2012 much more trash has piled up on the shoreline from the Haw River flow.”

jordan lake cleanupThe Eighth Annual Fall Trash Cleanup organized by Clean Jordan Lake will be held Saturday, Oct. 10,  from 9 am to  1 pm.  Volunteers will walk out to the shoreline from Ryan Road.  From there, some will be ferried by a flotilla of volunteer boaters to the tip of the Stinking Creek peninsula.

Chatham County Environmental Quality’s Solid Waste & Recycling Division will provide a dumpster for the trash and will haul it away.  A grant from Bridgestone America’s Tires4Ward program will enable recycling of the tires.  The event features a Trash Treasure Hunt with merchandise prizes and a light lunch.

Details and registration information are at

Since 2009, over 3,800 volunteers have participated in 170 cleanup events at Jordan Lake. They have removed 10,000 bags of trash and 3,700 tires.

DiGiano adds,  “Our work gets undone by every rainstorm flushing more stuff to the shoreline from cities and towns in the vast watershed above the lake. Nevertheless, when I think of the amount of trash that would have been there without our volunteers, it has not been in vain.”

To get to a more long lasting solution to trash, Clean Jordan Lake has just launched a series of  Educational Pontoon Boat Tours to reach leaders in the eight counties of the watershed.  The Durham County Board of Commissioners, Durham City Council and environmental advocacy groups will initiate the effort on Friday, Oct. 9.

DiGiano said, “We will show the public officials the beauty of the lake, soaring birds and undisturbed shoreline, but also the impact of trash.  We hope they will help us raise awareness that anything accidentally or intentionally left on the land will eventually reach the lake.”