Woods Charter School students to travel to United Nations headquarters

Chapel Hill, NC – Woods Charter School students Lacey Berg, Julianna Puccio, Justina Stewart, and Kaylee Tugwell, with support from the Woods Charter School Foundation, will travel to the United Nations headquarters on October 9 for Girls Speak Out, part of the 2015 International Day of the Girl Summit. The girls collaborated on a dramatic monologue highlighting the limits and inadequacies of sex ed in school. The monologue will be one of a series of presentations telling girls’ stories, speaking out about the “empowerment, protection and participation of girls in all levels of society.” The IDG Summit showcases the stories of girls around the globe.

GLI LogoThe Woods Charter School chapter of Girls Learn International advocates for human rights, with a focus on girls around the world. The group raises awareness about obstacles girls face, such as lack of access to education, child marriage, sex trafficking, and poverty. Discussion of current events brings to light the disadvantages and discrimination that girls struggle against in many communities. Chapter members seek to inform themselves and energize others to advocate for universal girls’ education and social change.

Inspired by their GLI experience, the four submitted a piece for consideration to IDG 2015. Their work was selected from submissions worldwide.

“Education is the key to ending oppression,” says Lacey Berg, GLI chapter co-president. “Girls and women have the power to change the world, and we strive to help create the opportunity.”

FMI: Contact GLI Faculty Advisor Adrienne Berg

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