$30,000 for what?

by Mark Stinson

Siler City, NC – Looking from the outside in sometimes doesn’t provide us with all the information needed but in my point of view something is darn wrong with allotting $30,000 to Virginia Cross and North Chatham schools while leaving out the rest of the schools.

Many of us in the west and southern parts of this county feel our schools get shorted and this is more proof. I am tired of democratic BS favoring the fancy schools in the county while treating the rest like red headed step children.

InequalitiesThirty thousand dollars for arts in the fancy schools? Really? Like we don’t need money for other things in the rest of the county schools? I’m all for the arts but I’m all for due process too. I feel any money spent by the county should be up for public debate and due process instead of being thrown in a budget under the radar at the last moment. In my mind it causes me not to trust the commissioners that much more.

I never felt the election was right and those who got in seem to be taking the typical tax and spend stance most democrats take throwing money towards those who got them elected. Every school in this county should be at equal par with the rest. If one school gets something all should get the same. If you talk to any teacher they will tell you that isn’t so. I just want you to remember when its time to vote get off your behind and vote and remember this under the table side handed crap and vote for people who wont do it .

I’m glad Mike Cross and Walter Petty saw the problem with it and voted against it. At least two of our commissioners have some integrity and common sense .

Goodnite Mark