Hottest Chatham Online bulletin board topics – Week of August 16, 2015

Pittsboro, NC – Here are the hottest Chatham Online bulletin board topics from last week.

1. Pittsboro Matters threatens lawsuit over Chatham Online Bulletin Board Headline  (Read 3233 times) at,32856.0.html

2. Pittsboro town board candidate, Casey Mann wants to raise Chatham County taxes  (Read 2631 times) at,32827.0.html

3. Howard, Hales & Crawford give away $30,000 without going through budget process  (Read 1291 times) at,32835.0.html

4. Jeffrey Starkweather is a wart on the community  (Read 1154 times) at,32861.0.html

5. This bird is for you Mr Green f150  (Read 1107 times) at,32855.0.html

6. Pittsboro Matters Board of Directors  (Read 1049 times) at,32853.0.html

501c3 question7. Is Pittsboro Matters misclassified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization?  (Read 456 times) at,32873.0.html

8. Chatham Journal requests Board of Elections investigate Pittsboro Matters  (Read 433 times) at,32876.0.html

9. Pittsboro Matters republishes misleading letter to the editor from Mayor Terry  (Read 337 times) at,32868.0.html

10. This will teach you rubes who really owns the land!  (Read 292 times) at,32881.0.html