A teachable moment about leftist totalitarians right here in Chatham County

by Taylor Kish

Pittsboro, NC – The recent question in the Chatham Chatlist (#5326) is an opportunity for a teachable moment about leftist totalitarians right here in Chatham County.

of-all-tyranniesThe post begins, “I’m hearing that the Thales Schools do not have any creative arts in their curriculum and also no physical activity…” Without even a modicum of research, the post goes on to berate the “creators” [of Thales Schools] and pontificate what THEY need to do to provide quality education and educated graduates.

What some are “hearing” is just plain wrong again.  A Google search provides extensive information explaining a comprehensive approach achieving significant results for Chatham students and others in central North Carolina.  This is what is so wrong with so much in Chatham County today. Individuals with opinions missing facts trying to tell the rest of us what we need to do to live correctly.  Most of us are succeeding far beyond the achievements of those who pretend to know so much more.

In addition to the failure to vaccinate being considered child abuse, we can add forcing children to attend failing local public schools and our national debt stealing our children and grandchildren’s hopes, dreams, and economic resources.

Dr. Dykers, the only students allowed to enter Chatham public schools without proof of required vaccinations are illegal aliens and children in families with religious exemptions. The illegal aliens are eventually provided free vaccinations paid by Chatham taxpayers reducing resources for citizens. In North Carolina, exemptions are only allowed for religious reasons. We may agree, Dr. Dykers, about child vaccinations but I would disagree (respectfully) if you are looking for ways to reduce our religious liberties or any of the individual liberties granted by God as our inalienable rights or listed in our Constitution and accompanying Bill of Rights and Amendments.