It is important to proceed with timely vaccinations

By Dr. John Dykers

Siler City, NC – I noted the announcement about vaccination schedules and it prompts me to plead with all who do not have a medical contraindication to vaccination to proceed with timely vaccinations. The value to public health of vaccinations is second only to clean water and proper sewage.

ImmunizationI am old enough to have suffered through measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, whooping cough and lived to tell the tale. I had several friends who had polio paralysis, and I shared the sadness of their disability and one death, along with the fear and social disruption of quarantines of several summer epidemics of polio. President Franklin Roosevelt struggled with both legs paralyzed throughout his presidency.

In my opinion, if vaccines for these diseases had been available when I were a child and my parents had failed to vaccinate me because of their belief system, they would have been abusing their child far more than if they had severely switched me for my childhood misbehavior, which they did not.

Even Nigeria has vaccinated enough not to have had a reported polio case in over a year. And they have to contend with Boko Haram. Please support the Polio Plus initiative of Rotary International and let’s have polio eradication. We did it with smallpox, and we can do it with other diseases for which vaccines are available. Then it will be safe to skip vaccination for those eradicated diseases, as now it is safe not to be vaccinated for smallpox.