Why such outrage at Pittsboro Matters and Chatham Commissioners giving away other people’s money?

by Taylor Kish

Pittsboro, NC – Pittsboro Matters altruistic?  Oh, give me a break!

Several (now anonymous) “leaders” of Pittsboro Matters have been identified as benefiting financially and otherwise from their involvement in Pittsboro Matters. (Before they hid their membership list.)  Businesses and a real estate developer demanding Chatham Park be held to arbitrary, burdensome, and extra-legal ideals those same businesses and developer would never think of applying to themselves.

Grant MoneySeveral Pittsboro Matters members are direct recipients of government handouts (taxpayer money) to keep their businesses afloat.

Ask to see their membership list and sources of funding. You will be stunned. But, don’t worry about being stunned. Their membership list is now secret and their books are locked down tight. They have everything to hide.

Pittsboro Matters lawyers get paid to agitate, threaten, write letters, etc.  Your donations support threatening the Chatham Chatlist moderator.  Be proud. (Satire intended.) They are not afraid of losing their 501C3 status. Their attack on the Chatham Chatlist moderator is a direct attempt to shut him up and intimidate. It is censorship. Bullying. Jack-booted thuggish behavior.  That is why they went anonymous. That is what they do to someone who disagrees with them and dares use their real name. Democrats! Pittsboro Matters must be losing because that is when extremist community agitators get more outrageous. Next, PM will be demanding the Chatham Chatlist moderator be fired.

This is the kind of attention these nasty, mean people crave and why they bully people who mean them no harm. These democrat leaders are losers in real life but top of the pathetic heap in the democrat party. They must silence the truth.

The Haw River Assembly gets money from all kinds of sources including socialist organizations dedicated to the destruction of the United States.

Just because an organization says they support clean water does not mean they actually do!  Who can you name who wants dirty air, water, or soil? Don’t be absurd!

Commissioners Diana Hales and Karen Crawford have learned the lessons of the larger democrat party, “I will do what I want with taxpayer money.  Who is going to stop me?”  So they scheme and rush to give $30,000 to an organization, Chatham Arts Council, which supported their candidacies for  commissioners.  It is not your money!  It was taken from taxpayers with overvalued property taxes. Chatham County Commissioners and democrat county employees rush to grab control of all privately owned property in all Chatham County using zoning laws so they have the power to say what you can and cannot do with your property. It is a power grab from taxpayers.  From you!

Voting democrat means you support what these totalitarians do locally as well as the national party.