Hottest Chatham Online bulletin board topics – Week of August 10, 2015

Pittsboro, NC – Here are the hottest Chatham Online bulletin board topics from last week.

Chatham Park1. Randy Voller’s candidate, Casey Mann, announces for Pittsboro Town Council  (Read 5430 times) at,32748.0.html

2. Pittsboro Matters sees Pittsboro Election As a Referendum on Chatham Park Approv  (Read 2674 times) at,32842.0.html

3. Pittsboro Matters threatens lawsuit over Chatham Online Bulletin Board Headline  (Read 2106 times) at,32856.0.html

4. Pittsboro town board candidate, Casey Mann wants to raise Chatham County taxes  (Read 2027 times) at,32827.0.html

5. Pittsboro Matters Board of Directors  (Read 906 times) at,32853.0.html

6. Jeffrey Starkweather is a wart on the community  (Read 858 times) at,32861.0.html

7. Chatham Park investor Jim Goodnight ranks #28 on new Forbes Richest in Tech list  (Read 671 times) at,32843.0.html

8. This bird is for you Mr Green f150  (Read 617 times) at,32855.0.html

9. Pittsboro to change name to Chatham Park  (Read 462 times) at,32850.0.html