New freecycle group for Chatham County

by Elliot M. Cramer

Pittsboro, NC – There is a new freecycle group to give away things you no longer need.  We have 30 members after only a few days.

To join, send a blank email to

Freecycle GroupThe idea is to promote the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). For example, you have a bike you don’t need.  You create an Email titled “OFFER: old bike (near Pittsboro)” with the text “I have an old bike available, worn but usable”.

You send the Email to

Group members interested in your bike will contact you privately and you make arrangements with the person you want to give it to. After it is picked up, you post an email with the title “Taken: bike”.  Great for him, for you, and for the planet!

Similarly, when if you need a chainsaw, you post an email with the title  “Wanted: chainsaw”.  Items you offer aren’t expected to be in perfect condition but should be described accurately.

This group is only used for offering and requesting items, no selling, trading or spamming. Nothing illegal should be posted (no drugs, weapons, etc).

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