Farm Bureau opposes zoning the western part of Chatham County

Pittsboro, NC – During the public input portion of the June 14 Chatham County Commissioners’ meeting Charles Lutterloh of 323 Allen Davie Lane Pittsboro made the following points:

I am here on behalf of the Farm Bureau Board of Directors to remind you that we are still against zoning the Western part of the county. As we travel around the county the vast majority of farmers and rural land owners in western part of the county do not want to see their side of the county zoned. If you are worried about the environment, I think if you will just ride through the rolling hills of western Chatham, you will see our farmers and rural land owners are good stewards of the environment.

Farm bureau president Charles Lutterloh

Farm bureau president Charles Lutterloh has been involved in Chatham County farming since the 1950’s.
(Source: Special Collections Research Center at NCSU Libraries)

Also, another issue that I would like to bring to you this evening on my behalf, I also, besides farming, own a small trucking business. Every day I travel the roads of Chatham and the surrounding counties. I know you folks are interested in the safety of people traveling our county roads. I don’t know whether you have noticed or not but a lot of secondary roads are in bad need of the right of ways being cleaned up, not just being mowed but the trees and bushes need to be cut back. Some of the secondary roads are really getting bad, it feels like the roads are closing in on you in a lot of places. I have also seen a few intersections in need of being cut back as well so that when you pull up at a stop sign you can see a car coming.

Maybe you come remind the folks in Aberdeen who look after this district that we really need some help on these secondary roads.