Time Warner treats its customers like they are the enemy

by John Murdock

Pittsboro, NC – Time Warner Cable (TWC) is a publicly funded monopoly that treats its customers like they are the enemy. To make this short I will tell you that my service has been unusable for over a third of this month of July, 2015. There have been no-shows on appointments, endless hold times on the phone while being forced to listen to the sound-track of a pizza delivery service with advertising. There are billing charges for services I did not order and a different story from every customer service representative and supervisor that I talked with.

Time Warner Cable complaintsI think that Time Warner Cable particularly regards the good people of Chatham County as a bunch of stupid hicks that will just suck it up and shut up.

That’s not going to happen.

Here’s what you do if you cannot receive satisfaction from any of the ways that the local TWC “customer service” forces upon you in a regular call:

Keep written notes of every conversation you have with them, including the date and time, and the time you were on hold, or record your calls (legally you are required to tell them that you are recording the calls, I use a tape recorder and a speaker phone). Get the employee ID number of everyone you talk with and write it down in you log.

1. Contact the TWC office of the President of Time Warner cable at 212-364-8300 option 2 (these big shots only work from 9 am till 5:30 pm on business days, so you have to do it their way). That should get results.
2. If that does not get results call the Federal Communication Commission at 888-225-5322, they may shuffle you around a bit, but ask for a transfer to someone in the department that handles franchise problems with TWC.
3. Contact the the New York state attorney general’s office. Time Warner is headquartered in New York City so anybody can file a complaint against them here.
4. Contact the North Carolina state attorney general’s office here and tell them specifically about the problem

I welcome any advice or solutions you may have to my thoughts.