Americans have a running conflict about “rights” and “welfare”

By John R Dykers

Siler City, NC – We Americans have a running conflict about “rights” and “welfare”. Mostly about whose right and whose welfare and who’s going to pay for it.

General WelfareIn my opinion, we have misinterpreted the constitutional “to promote the general welfare” be means testing which is inefficient and only promotes the welfare of those who happen to be poor at the moment. Such programs diminish social and economic mobility while often failing to provide the desired ‘safety net’.

For example, I practiced medicine in this community since before Medicare in 1964, and I can attest to the many people whose care was paid for by Medicare and Medicaid and various other third parties. I can also attest to the constantly increasing “hassle” factor of these forms of payment which steadily eroded the non-monetary rewards and raised the financial costs.

I cannot imagine a profession providing more emotional satisfaction and intellectual stimulation than practicing medicine. I have written a Conservative Voluntary Universal Health Care Act that is less than four pages. Email me for a copy or go to