Excessive charges at Chatham Hospital may be hard to change

by Tom Glendinning

Pittsboro, NC – Welcome to the world of the 600 pound gorilla. The Chatham Hospital is run by state institution, UNC Memorial Hospital

While not schooled in the scale of medical charges from UNC, I can believe that their hands are tied in reconsidering costs. After all, it is the state, not a private outfit. Those charges are calculated once a year at budget time and dictated to us, the proletariat…. I mean citizen/consumer.

Chatham HospitalThe 800 pound gorilla is the electorate, us, the citizens. But we do not get together often enough to change state institutions until what they do severely impacts us. Examples: 2010, 2012 & 2014 state elections. But the results of those elections do not change department or institutional budgets, immediately in any case. While we continue to feed this system with tax money, it continues to grow and effect our lives.

The true disadvantage is that health care delivery is in the hands of a government institution, not a private one. Change, then, is slow, cumbersome, and often counter-intuitive.

I am saddened that the system is unresponsive or that the charges are too high. I am sure, overall, that the employees do the same good job they did before they became state employees. After my recent experience with the institution, I am also disappointed in its management, management’s disconnect with the local population, and how government institutions, regulatory agencies, and agents treat their citizens.