Is adequate health care a basic right?

Pittsboro, NC – Private hospitals observe the Hippocratic oath and deliver services for which they are not reimbursed. The state has no virtuous hold on providing services. If you know any of the board members of Chatham Hospital when it was privately held, ask them if they ever wrote off expenses at annual or quarterly meetings. My hospital did.

I am sure that there are doctors practicing in Chatham who write off patient charges.

America, and Chatham County, are under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This month, the announcement was made that insurance premiums would increase from 23% to 54%.
Illinois                  23%
North Carolina    25%
Minnesota            54%
2014 saw sharp increases in premiums of 12%. All due to ACA.

Affordable Care Act“If all Americans had health insurance” is a false premise. By law, insurance is required, mandated. One way or another, we all comply with AHA, if that means private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration system, or at social services as indigents (an increasing population.)

Adequate health care a basic right? I do not even have to look into my copies of the US constitution, bill of rights, or the North Carolina documents. No. That statement is wrong.

The word “welfare” in the preamble does not mean subsidized health insurance, food stamps, free medicine, rent subsidies, all costs covered by a “welfare state.” It means, in a broad sense, the general well being of the citizens, as in “establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and (yes) promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty…” Please note that it does not say “pay for 2014 federal welfare programs” or anything that one leader/spokesperson proclaims.

ACA was sold as the panacea. It would reduce health care costs (insurance). It would allow continuing on with your provider and insurance. It would cover all Americans. Now, you say it does not? Tsk, tsk.

If the law did not do what it was intended to do, it should be repealed. I won’t go into what the authors should do. But the Japanese have a fine tradition,… for those who are honorable.

Self defense is a basic human right, God given. Free speech is an American right. I have the sense that William Pitt liked us because of those beliefs.. We held them so dearly that we were willing to give up our lives in defense of them.

Universal or free health care is not on that list. And the Cadillac tax is under fire.