Chatham County Schools launch new website

Pittsboro, NC — Chatham County Public Schools launched a new website on Wednesday, July 22. The site, now hosted by industry leader SchoolWires, directly reflects the district identity as a leader in educational growth and innovation. The new site will include updated features and serve as a strong communication resource for our schools and community. In developing the new website, one of the primary goals was to ensure a quality user experience from the perspective of a non-district user. To that end, many of the program and division descriptions are shortened and much of the information and links used exclusively for staff are no longer there.

Chatham County Schools web siteAlong with the new design, the navigation system has been streamlined on each of the sites in order to improve the online experience. Each website should now be easier to navigate in order to quickly find the information needed. While most of the major work to rearrange and reorganize the information has been completed, visitors may notice some minor changes on each site throughout the next month as employees continue to tweak the navigation in order to ensure the best possible experience for site visitors. In the fall, information will be shared with parents about how to customize the user experience.

New Chatham County Schools web siteFinally, please be sure to check out the new sites from a mobile device. The sites use what is called “responsive design” to optimize the browsing experience for mobile users and provide a seamless transition between the District’s mobile app and information on the websites. Content is automatically stacked and scaled based on the size of a screen, and it even has a new mobile-friendly view for each school’s calendar.

Northwood High School on Chatham County Schools web siteDistrict leaders hope that these new features will improve the visitors’ experience on our website and provide valuable and timely information. Parents, community members, and students are encouraged to take time to explore the new look and feel of the school sites. Chatham County School officials hope these changes will not only improve visitors’ overall experience on them website, but also provide them with a better view of who the Chatham County Schools District and the work they do to educate, inspire and empower Chatham County students every day.