Just rename Randy Voller’s new “community activist” group after his dad

by Tom West

Pittsboro, NC – Saw a suggestion that Randy Voller name his new “Community Activist” group after his father as a commemoration, perhaps as the “Lot Voller Sustainable Prosperity Organization” instead of just Sustainable Prosperity Organization.

Sustainable Prosperity

Members of the liberal Sustainable Prosperity group – Casey Mann, James A. Wood, Janet Nichols, and Arturo Velasquez.

Hey, look what we found! Randy Voller’s candidate for Pittsboro Town commission, Casey Mann, just happens to be a member of this liberal activist group. Anyone surprised? Just another Chatham Coalition Hate Group clone.

By the way, if Casey Mann is living in a Randy Voller property and not paying rent or paying a sub-market rent, does that difference count as a “political contribution in kind?”

According to her LinkedIn profile Casey has been unemployed since February 2015 – linkedin.com/pub/casey-mann/3/178/86b What’s she doing for income?

You also got to love Randy Voller’s support of the Occupy Chapel Hill group. Let’s just rename that the Lot Voller’s Occupy Chapel Hill group – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atZm69-V74k

Just sayin’