There is a place ready for Voller Park in the Chatham Forest community

by Jeff Meredith

Pittsboro, NC – A park named after a member of the Voller clan; in Pittsboro? Yes, I and everyone else are all in favor of that. We have a place ready for it in the Chatham Forest Community.

Randy Voller

Randy Voller did not fullfill promises he made to Chatham Forest home owners.

Randy Voller was the developer of Chatham Forest. He told and promised families purchasing homes within Chatham Forest a swimming pool, a park “plans were drawn” and a club house “now the leaking fire trap at the entrance to our development.”  These were all plans and promises withdrawn after Randy Voller turned over the Home Owners Association (HOA) “with his $43,000 debt” to the home owners.

If the Vollers want to build those promised amenities in the Chatham Forest community, I will present their case to the HOA Board, to have the facilities name after their morally, ethically and financially bankrupt clan.

Jeff Meredith is a two term past president of the Chatham Forest HOA in Pittsboro